VIP Dealer Seminars at Marriott City Center 8:30 am–4:30 pm

Building Your Brand

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Marketing Director Ryan Johnson & QBP Director of Organizational Development Lori Richman

Learn why building your brand matters. This workshop reviews basic concepts of brand science through guided exercises with a brand imprint, a tool to clarify identity and position to build a better Shop Brand. From theoretical concepts of brand identity to real-world application, you’ll learn concepts that will help customers and staff alike understand and identify with your shop.

Open To Buy: Purchasing For Profitability

Location: TBA

Presented by: To Be Announced

Inventory presents both a great asset and a great risk in business.  Open To Buy is a tool that mitigates inventory risk by providing analytics and a process for making good inventory decisions. Attendees will gain a foundational understanding of Open To Buy and the basic tools needed to apply it to day-to-day business.

Increase Sales Through Effective Merchandising

Location: TBA

Presented by: Bicycle retail merchandising expert Mercedes Ross

In this smartphone-dominated world, how people shop is changing. Great merchandising creates a positive experience that maximizes foot traffic in your store. Merchandising expert Mercedes Ross will show you how to adapt to a changing market with the basics of merchandising.

When The Carrot Doesn’t Work

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Human Resources Staff

Some employees seem unwilling to grow and develop no matter how hard we try to encourage them. This seminar will cover concepts and techniques to leverage your authority as an employer in a way that is clear, empathetic, legally defensible, and gets results.

Bike Fit As A Sales Strategy

Location: TBA

Presented by: Bike fit expert Craig Watson

Done well, offering professional bike fitting can increase your sales and profitability; done poorly, it can turn customers off. In this seminar you’ll learn the ins and outs of bike fit and how to use this service to grow your business.

DIY Shop Design & Fixtures

Location: TBA

Presented by: To Be Announced

Learn to use your store’s space more effectively. Learn some basics from an expert and hear from a panel of dealers who have redesigned their floor plans and fixtures using limited resources. This seminar offers tips and techniques for those looking to get more from their space on a shoestring budget.

Motivating Your Staff To Customer Service Excellence

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Customer Service Manager Bernie Doll

Nearly every shop declares, “Our customer service distinguishes us from our competitors.” But does it? In this session attendees will learn additional perspectives on what makes great customer service, and will begin to develop a plan to set expectations and instill the essence and practice of great customer service in their staff.

Top 10 Truths About Profitability

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Director of National Accounts Todd Cravens

QBP’s Todd Cravens discusses business truisms that drive a profitable bicycle business.  Learn a few simple ways to that can help to protect and expand your business’s profitability.

Selling Softgoods

Location: TBA

Presented by: David Cathcart of Louis Garneau

With savvy purchasing, training, and merchandising, softgoods can be profitable. Join apparel-industry veteran David Cathcart of Louis Garneau as he shares proven approaches to driving softgoods profitability. You’ll learn how color, model, fit, and depth plays in to effective buying, and how tuning your inventory can drive more full margin sales. You’ll also hear how to improve your team’s skills around dressing room management, creating collections, and key closing phrases.

Start A NICA League In Your State

Location: TBA

Presented by: Austin McInerny, NICA Executive Director & QBP Advocacy Director Gary Sjoquist

The National Interscholastic Cycling Association, NICA, works directly with schools to inspire and grow young cyclists, which is good for your community and your business. How can a local bike shop, with good relationships in the community, develop a NICA league?  What are the steps to begin a league, or to successfully working with your local school teams and high school cycling league if one exists? Come learn from NICA’s executive director (and the founder of the Minnesota High School Cycling League) and QBP’s Gary Sjoquist about resources available to start the process.

Harnessing Categories For Fun and Profit

Location: TBA

Moderated by: QBP Distribution Sales Manager Alix Magner

With independent bike shops under increasing pressure to compete, focusing on underserved categories can increase sales and establish your shop as a unique specialty destination. In this seminar you’ll learn how to add or expand niches to set your business apart, and talk with the experts in ‘outdoor,’ BMX, winter riding gear, and Lazer’s future-tech ‘wearables.’

Chris Kegel’s 10 Lessons Learned

Location: TBA

Presented by: Chris Kegel, Owner of Wheel & Sprocket

Chris Kegel has had plenty of successes and made some great mistakes over 40 years owning and operating bike shops. The owner of Wheel & Sprocket will talk about his experiences: problems he’s faced, solutions he’s tried (good and bad), and the ten most important bicycle retail lessons he’s learned.

Wheel & Sprocket is one of America’s largest independent bike shops, with seven locations in Wisconsin and Illinois.

Motivating And Training Your Staff

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Human Resources Staff

Your staff may be up to speed on bikes, but there are many aspects of their jobs that are non-technical. What do you expect from your staff when it comes to things such as attitude, self-motivation, and hearing feedback and making changes? We’ll cover these topics and more to help you better identify weak spots in your team and develop solutions.

Saris: Exclusive 2015 Product Preview

Location: TBA

Presented by: Saris staff

Saris previews their exciting new product for 2015.

Social Media For Local Bike Shops

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP Social Media Channel Coordinator Mike Roering and Arleigh Greenwald, proprietor of and general manager of Salvagetti Bicycle Workshop in Denver, CO

Integrating social media into your business strategy can help increase customer engagement and drive business to your store. Learn the basics of social media, how to use different tools effectively, and start a social media plan for your shop.

The Highly Profitable Service Department

Location: TBA

Presented by: QBP category sales manager Clayton McLagan

Do you want to grow profitability in your service department? Learn how to deliver a great customer experience while driving profits for your shop using easily implemented processes.

Seasonality Strategies For Success

Location: TBA

Moderated by: To Be Announced

A new kind of Frostbike seminar, this is a formal networking session for bike shop owners and managers to discuss successes and failures in product, staffing, and projects, and other strategies to make the most of the ‘off-season.’

Best Practises for Lightspeed Retail

Location: TBA

Presented by: Justin Laing, Director of Retail Development for Lightspeed

With so much power and possibility at your fingertips, there are always new things to learn about getting the most out of your point of sale system. This session will take a “deep dive” into the features of Lightspeed P.O.S. and show you ways to maximize selling, inventory, and more.

45North Product Preview (Invitation Only)

Location: TBA

Presented by: 45North staff

Eurobike Award-winning 45North reveals their most exciting upcoming products and presents an overview of their 2015 lineup.

Optimizing Differentiation For Your Smart E-tailing Website

Location: TBA

Presented by: David Wert, Client Services Director for Smart E-tailing

Learn ten simple things you can do to ensure that your store’s website is unique, engaging, and accurately reflects your culture and brand.