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VIP Dealer Seminars at Marriott City Center 8:30 am–4:30 pm

Big Design-Small Spaces

Location: Minnesota

Presented by: Brian Hawkins, President, Fixture Lab and Bhawkins inc.

Whether your store footprint is small or you are simply trying to fit 20 pounds of potatoes into a 10 pound bag, space is always a challenge for retailers-– especially in a bike shop! In this fun and informative seminar you’ll learn from well-designed stores around the world. You’ll see some of the basic concepts of design and crafty solutions that can maximize your space and increase your customer engagement.

Compensation Strategies to Retain Great Employees

Location: St. Croix I

Kate Kowalsky, Senior Human Resources Manager for QBP

This seminar will focus on methods of compensation that motivate employees, and don’t break the bank.  You’ll learn about fixed and variable compensation, and learn ways to structure these for maximum benefit for your business.

Turn a Warranty/Return into a Shop Champion

Location: Crystal Lake

Dustin Gawlik, Technical Services Team Manager for QBP

Warranties and other returns can be frustrating.  Learn best practices in converting a frustration into a win for you and your customer!

The Annual Marketing Plan:  Get the Most from Your Marketing Resources

Location: Deer Lake & Elk Lake

Ryan Johnson, Director of Marketing for QBP and Mike Roering, Marketing Channel Coordinator for QBP

Learn the basic strategies and practices of a full Marketing Plan, from the ideas and concepts to best methodologies to scheduling and implementation.  Leave with a template and the skeleton of a plan!

Digital Connectivity and Today’s Consumers:  Retailer Essentials

Location: Pine Lake & Cedar Lake

Dorothy Nichols, SmartEtailing and Jon Jeffress, SmartEtailing

How do today’s consumers shop?  Driven by the millennials, complete connectivity for all devices is a must-have that supports product availability and information, the opportunity to buy on-line, and an in-store experience as optimal through electronic channels as in-person.  Come away with an understanding of what technology is necessary to grow your business.

You Can Compete

Location: Minnesota

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor
Since 1994, the Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs has been transforming businesses big and small into thriving operations; succeeding in today’s challenging brick and mortar markets with stellar success.

In this interactive keynote, Bob will teach you how to increase your sales by 10, 20, even 50% within six months, and recapture your lost profits from your competitors.  When it comes to growing your business successfully in a competitive market and a shaky economy, Bob will be your guide. Let the Retail Doctor show you how to gain the leverage you need to make small changes that produce big results.

Success Strategies in Assortment Planning & Supplier Selection

Location: St. Croix I

Tyler Denniston, Product Manager for QBP and Nick Essma, Product Manager for QBP

Learn the key strategies and necessary skills for assortment planning that improves profitability for your shop.  This workshop will give you the tools, templates, and practice you need to more effectively plan your assortment, including rating and selecting your best suppliers.

Inspire the Experience to Sell Bikes

Location: Pine Lake & Cedar Lake

Nick Paglia, Product Manager for All-City Bicycles

Learn techniques and best practices to inspire the vision, create the experience, and sell bikes.

Retirement & Equity Strategies for Shop Owners

Location: Crystal Lake

Steve Flagg, Chairman and Founder of QBP
Jerry Pomije, VicePresident and CFO for QBP

For owners only, this session is geared toward the owner’s future retirement plans and financial strategies for your business.

Finance:  Deriving your Daily Cost of Business and Why it Matters

Location: Deer Lake & Elk Lake

Mike Barnidge, Credit Manager for QBP

Learn how to determine your daily cost of doing business.  Use this knowledge to understand how to pay for your next expense.

Open to Buy & Inventory:  Individual Consulting Sessions

Location: Birch Lake & Maple Lake

Gretchan Graham, Purchasing Supervisor; Sarah Johnson, Supply Chain Analyst; Stephen Vitvitsky, Purchasing Manager; and Brian Johnson, Purchasing Operations Manager, all from QBP

Sign up for this session if you want individual time with a Buyer Professional from QBP.  During this 1.5 hour session, experts in Inventory Management, Open to Buy, and Purchasing Strategies will be on hand to talk with you about your specific inventory and OTB questions.

Store Design and Merchandising: Maximizing Your Store Spend

Location: St. Croix I

Brian Hawkins, President, Fixture Lab and Bhawkins inc.

Thinking about remodeling? Thinking about a brand new store? Just want to improve your retail game? This session is just what you need. You’ll learn invaluable best practices and strategies for getting the most possible bang for your buck. Hint: It’s not always about saving money, but it is always about making good, informed, strategic decisions about where and how to spend your hard-earned money.

Strategic Staffing:  Recruiting, Interviewing, & Hiring

Location: Deer Lake & Elk Lake

Amber Maier, Human Resources Manager for QBP

Knowing what you are looking for is key to finding it!  Get tools and tips to help you determine what you want, where & how to recruit, conduct great interviews, and set clear expectations for new hires.

Service & Repair Profitability Best Practices

Location: Minnesota

Aaron Stehly, Sales Rep and Profitable Service Department Guru for QBP

This seminar is based on best practices and routines that can add to a service center’s profitability three key areas:
1.  Proactive Service Writing
2.  Selling and setting the customer experience
3.  Organization and work structure that play to mechanics strengths and training to their opportunities

New Customers:  Choose and Win Your Next Demographic Niche

Location: Pine Lake & Cedar Lake

Alix Magner, National Sales Manager for QBP

Serving your current customers is, of course, essential.  But what niche of customers do you want to go after next?  How will you choose, and what are your key strategies to capture them?  Come away with key concepts and an outline of your plan to grow this new demographic.

Develop Your Next Generation Owner/Leader

Location: Crystal Lake

Steve Flagg, Chairman and Founder of QBP and Tom Henry, Landry's Cycles, Massachusetts

Succession planning; where do you start, what is your process, and how do you know you’ve found your successor?  Learn from industry leaders who have done it!

How to Train and Manage Your Sales Team

Location: Minnesota

Bob Phibbs, the Retail Doctor
Since 1994, the Retail Doctor, Bob Phibbs has been transforming businesses big and small into thriving operations; succeeding in today’s challenging brick and mortar markets with stellar success.

These days, if a customer is at your store, your product or service makes them feel better and is something they need or value. That’s why you need your sales team at the top of their game! They need to be focused on the customer and adding value — not stocking shelves and finding something to keep busy.  In this session, Bob, the Retail Doctor, will teach you how to work a sales system that delivers consistently high check averages, by keeping your crew competitive, confident, engaged.  With Bob’s insightful tips, you can build a winning sales team that can close even the most challenging sale.

Understand and Grow Your Women’s Business

Location: Deer Lake & Elk Lake

Lauren DiMartino, Category Sales Manager and Bike Shop Women's Events guru for QBP

It’s no secret that increasing your sales and service to women is a great business opportunity.  But how to do that effectively and efficiently is not always clear.  Come learn best practices and ideas and at least one proven strategy to increase your women’s business.

Ensure Your Customer Experience with Your Own Secret Shopper Program

Location: Crystal Lake

Dustin Dorrell, Account Manager for QBP and Lori Richman, Director of Organization Development for QBP

Every bike shop says, “our customer service is great, X other shop in our area is not.”  How can you ensure that your service IS great?  Come learn the nuts and bolts to creating and using your own customer experience assessment tool! Define your ideal customer service experience, translate that into staff training, and assess whether it’s working. You’ll come away with the means to do this yourself!

Finance:  Key Leverage Points for Maximizing Profit

Location: Pine Lake & Cedar Lake

Mike Barnidge, Credit Manager for QBP

Use your income statement to make sound profitability decisions.  You will learn how to use all three areas of the income statement to maximize profits for your store.  Attendees should bring their store’s income statement for best learning!

Create Lifetime Loyalty: Kid-Centered Experience to Engage the Family

Location: Birch Lake & Maple Lake

Scott Fitzgerald, Former IBD Owner and Co-Author of B is for Bicycles

Break through your road blocks on selling “kids” bike stuff!  Learn how to think about this category differently to increase sales and profits in ways you never imagined.  You don’t have to be a “family” bike shop to drive customer loyalty and lifetime value by connecting with your customers through their number one passion - their children.