VIP Dealer Seminar at DoubleTree by Hilton, Hours 9am–4pm

Becoming the Excellent Leader Your Staff Needs

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Lori Richman

This seminar will show you what it takes to build a stronger, more sustainable business by growing your capacity to be a great leader. Inspire others with a clear purpose and focus, delegation to and trust in staff, and the candidness and courage to create change that is necessary. This workshop is directed at shop owners and managers.

Seminar materials:

Becoming the Excellent Leader Worksheet (Word Doc)
Frostbike 2014 Excellent Leaders (PowerPoint)


Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Todd Cravens

Are you profitable?  And most importantly why are you profitable? In this seminar, you will learn how to answer these questions and what to change if you don’t like the answers.

Related topics that we will go over:

  • Discover the right elements of your income statement that need regular attention Distinguish between expenses and investments.
  • Reveal the three ways to add dollars to your pretax profit.
  • Determine whether you are a business of convenience or destination.

***Information will be presented from actual specialty bike retailer case studies providing a benchmark to your store’s performance.

Root Cause Process Workshop

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Phil Wolpers

In this workshop, learn how to effectively identify all possible symptoms and causes of problems that you are experiencing in your business.  Through this process, together we will distinguish which are potential solutions and how to proceed in resolving the issue.  In doing so, we will define the root causes of your shop’s dilemmas and build a framework of how to achieve your desired results.

You will leave this workshop with the knowledge and tools needed to quickly identify the root causes of future problems and how to make adjustments to prevent them from happening again. 
*** Dealers are required to bring a problem to work on.

Seminar materials:

Root Cause Process Workshop Presentation (PowerPoint - 1.6mb)

Where do I grow from here?: Expanding Your Business Intelligently

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Alix Magner and Leigh Carter

With IBD’s under increasing pressure to compete as unique, specialty retailers, how do you expand your business profitably? How do you do so in a way that the internet can’t replicate? What happens if you expand on what you already do well or on sales categories that are already strong? In this seminar three dealers who will have participated in our Indie Dealer Sessions on Thursday will share their approach for growing profitable sales while remaining true to their brand and their vision.

Seminar materials:

Where Do I Grow From Here Presentation (PowerPoint - 265KB)

Garmin: Build Profits with Best Practices

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Neil Hailstone

Learn more about Garmin Connect, a service included with every Garmin device and best practices on how to utilize it to move more Garmin Edge, Vector and Forerunner product through your stores. Also, get a sneak peak of new features coming from Garmin in 2014.

Creating Cycling Families – NICA Update

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Austin McInerny, Executive Director, NICA and Gary Sjoquist, Minnesota High School Cycling League Founder

Across the country, high-school mountain bike leagues are introducing a whole new generation to cycling. Find out how local bike shops are working with high school teams and coaches from leagues across the country, including Minnesota and now, Wisconsin. With thirteen leagues underway, the National Interscholastic Cycling Association (NICA) is building the next generation of life-long cyclists and this session will help local bike shops understand and appreciate the opportunity for engaging and growing a younger set of customers.

Brand-Building 201: The Workshop

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Jason Gaikowski

A strong brand is a valuable asset for making decisions that build a profitable business; from who to hire, how to train, what products to stock, all the way through to customer experience and loyalty. In this 90 minute workshop, we review concepts fundamental to brand science, introduce the Brand Imprint; a tool for defining and unleashing the power of your brand; and begin clarifying the positioning and identity to build a better business.

Prerequisites: You have attended Brand-Building 101: Build Your Brand to Build Your Business, have been working on your own brand identity, and have some ability to communicate who you are and who you are not.

Seminar materials:

Brand Building Presentation (PDF - 858KB)

45 North and the Rise of Winter Biking

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: David Gabrys

With the growth of cyclocross, winter commuting and fat biking, slower off-season cash flow is becoming a thing of the past. By creating products that deliver cold-weather comfort and control via hands, feet and traction, 45North provides retailers a great opportunity to boost wintertime sales. We’ll take a look at the full 45North product offering as well as trends in winter biking and how 45North’s lineup can add value to your shop.

This presentation is open to current and prospective 45North dealers.

Confidentiality Agreement
Because we’ll be discussing proprietary products still in development, we require attendees to sign a confidentiality agreement. No cameras or photos please!

Cogburn Outdoors: A Look Into Creating a Meaningful Brand

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Bobby Dahlberg, Jason Boucher and Jason Gaikowski

This seminar will take a closer look at one of QBP’s newest consumer brands, Cogburn Outdoors. You will hear about our brand creation strategy and reasoning by discussing how Cogburn came to be, where we are going, and why we firmly believe that this exciting new brand can not only grow your business, but also our industry.

Seminar materials:

Cogburn Outdoors Brand Presentation (PDF - 7.8mb)

Engaging the Woman Cyclist: Events

Location: DoubleTree

Presented by: Amber Schult and a Panel of Retailers

What are the ingredients that make up successful events for women?  Why should you learn how to reach out to women?  How can you use events to get more women riding? Why do some women centric ride clubs thrive while others fail?  Take home insights and ideas on how to create and grow women’s cycling in your community and shop, ultimately adding to your shop’s bottom line.

Seminar materials:

Engaging the Woman Cyclist Links and Resources (Word Doc - 2.5mb)

Engaging the Woman Cyclis Presentation (PDF - 3mb)